Former pro and still active Warcraft 3 player Fredrik "Knoff" Knopf will coach you, by watching you play via shared screen using Discord, commenting live on what you can do better, what you should focus on and more, all in real time. 

You will get: 

  • proper set up of customkeys 
  • replay analyses 
  • build orders and strategies
  • document with all tips and improvents in all matchups
  • live coaching in games


Bundle deals:

Bronze coaching (139$): 1 hour/week for 4 weeks (4 hours)

Silver coaching (369$): 1 hour/week for 12 weeks  (12 hours)
Gold coaching (1059$): 1-3 hour/week for 12-36 weeks (36 hours)

(Send a message for order, you will also get your own offical Camp Knoff t-shirt when ordering the gold coaching)  

Coaching with Knoff

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