Camp Knoff was developed by Knoff and PelleK in 2020 with the initial goal of helping the WC3 community live a healthy lifestyle, to improve not only health, but in turn also gameplay.

As the website's grown in popularity we've hired more coaches on the e-sport side, giving Knoff full control of the PT and health section. We specialize in and thrive on our custom made programs and personalized follow up, both in gaming, and in PT.

All online PT and training programs are made by Camp Knoff's co-founder Fredrik Knopf, better known as Knoff "The Bald Orc" (Former WC3 Pro and PT from Sweden). Knoff actively trains several guys in the RTS scene, such as Kendrik (HeroesHearth) while still putting in the hours to coach aspiring WC3 players.


Name: CampKnoff AB

Organisation number: 559270-4216

Address: Trunstavägen 11, 741 30 Knivsta

Contact via fredrik@campknoff.com or send a message.