This is the perfect way to get value out of your money if you are looking to seriously up your warcraft III game, and at the same time start killing it in the gym.


Knoff will design a meal plan and a gym routine designed to make you reach your goals as effective and easily as possible, and also coach you for 1 hour per week for a month by watching you play via shared screen using skype, commenting live on what you can do better, what you should focus on and more, all in real time.


He will be in contact shortly after your order, to map out the best course of action for you to reach your fitness goals.


Such as:

  • allergies
  • current weight
  • current level of activity
  • available time


This plan includes 3 months of online follow up.


This service is not available in Sweden. All Swedish customers please visit for more information, or send a mail directly to for all inquires regarding PT, training and nutrition.

Diet and training with Warcraft 3 coaching

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