-Currently ranked as one of the best night elfs in europe

*Amazing Experience with an Amazing Coach!* Daniel aka LiiLDC is an fantastic Warcraft 3 coach. He is very knowledgeable, funny and passionate. Daniel provides detailed insight before, during and after your games to ensure that you have all the key points locked down and analysed. Together with Daniel, you are able to thoroughly examine race by race strategies, key matchup considerations and your overall gameplay. It's all done in real time and articulated in a clear and precise manner. But that's not all. Between your coaching sessions, Daniel further analyses your replays in great detail and provides you with constructive feedback. His coaching style is perfectly tailored to accommodate all your needs. Daniel's passion for the game is exemplified by his pro-level skill using Night Elf and his eagerness and dedication to help you become a better Warcraft 3 player. Since I started coaching sessions with Daniel, I can safely say that I have improved in my overall gameplay and further enhanced my understanding of Warcraft 3. If you want to become a better night elf player, look no further than LiiLDC." //Joshy


-A top orc player from Sweden known for his bald head and muscular body