Knoff and Pellek


CampKnoff was developed by Knoff and PelleK in 2020 with the initial goal of helping the WC III community live a healthy lifestyle to improve not only health, but in turn also gameplay. As the website's grown in popularity we've hired more coaches on the e-sport side, giving Knoff full control of the PT and health section. We specialize in and thrive on our custom made programs and personalized follow up, both in gaming, and in PT.

All online PT and training programs are made by CampKnoff co-founder Fredrik Knopf, better known as Knoff the bald orc (Former WC III pro and PT from Sweden). Knoff actively trains several guys in the RTS scene, such as Kendrik (HeroesHearth) while still putting in the hours to coach aspiring WC III players



Knoff is ranked as one of the top orcs in Europe and has been playing since 2004. In his pro career he's played for organizations such as Mousesports and Raptor-Gaming and has brought home the gold in several big tournaments (including DreamHack), and placed second and third with the Swedish National Team. Having been active for a long time on the NetEase ladder, facing the best in the world on a consistent basis, Knoff will help you understand and execute the current meta vs. any race, and show you the true power of the Horde.


Syde is currently considered to be the best French undead. He has been playing since 2006 and is currently playing for OCG and even played WCG in China in 2019. Notoriously known for his "off meta" strategies, he will teach you the ins and outs of the Dreadlord and focus on the basics, for you to improve you undead game.

Starshaped is a top Swedish night elf and human player known for his creative and strategic play. 
He is passionate about analyzing, learning, and discussing the game on a deeper level and loves interacting with viewers on his stream. With a master's degree in education and working as a certified teacher in Sweden, he has the perfect combination of tools to help you reach the next step on your journey. 


Thorzain is a Swedish human player and widely regarded as one of the best human players in Europe. He has earned a lot of his success from his innovative playstyle, while also knowing a lot about the fundamentals. Thorzain can help you refine your own style, improve your foundations and also introduce you to new ways of looking at the game.

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LiilD.C is regarded as one of the best Night Elf players in Europe. He is a former 4Kings and PGS member, and has won several big tournaments worldwide. LiilD.C is still going strong to this day, streaming his highly impressive W3Champions games on his twitch channel several times a week. With the help of his creative strategies and incredible understanding of the game, LiilD.C has all it takes to help you increase your winrate with the Kaldorei.

Jonathan "KiWiKaKi" Garneau is a former professional SC2 and WC3 player, currently playing for Oceanus Gaming. Capable of beating any opponent with his unique Head Hunter game and off meta strategies, Kiwi's games make for some of the most entertaining and satisfying matches to watch in the current WC III scene.

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European rising star Krav is a French Undead player with several tournament wins in recent time (including ESL Cup, B2W Cup and France vs The World). Krav has a fun and versatile playstyle, fully capable of beating top players with uncontroversial first hero picks such as the Lich or Cryptlord. With Krav on your side you'll rediscover and further your understanding of the Undead Scourge.

Spiral is a well known orc player from Germany. He is considered to be the best Orc player in Europe looking at his recent results in the last tournaments. Spiral has mained 3 races, believe it or not (Orc, Human, Nightelf), becuase of that he has a very broad understanding of the game. Spiral has the unique capability of teaching you not only orc, but every single race (perhaps with the exception of undead), to perfection.